June 14, 2004

Didn't get much reading done the last week because I was working on Chain proofs and other things. Didn't get much writing done either. Although did begin at least to work on the prose piece.

Finished the Chakrabarty this weekend. The early chapters of it, the classic one on provisionalizing europe, especially good. It reads like a classic now, a few years later.

And I'm half way through Yunte Huang's Transpacific Displacement book. I originally called it Transpacific Alliances. I'm wondering if that might not also be an interesting book.

Went to the Fela exhibit at the Yerba Buena with Dan Bouchard who was in town. Amazing piece there by Kendell Geers who took a classic Mumuye ficture from E. Nigeria and wrapped it in Chevron tape. (The sort of tape that police use to make hazard areas here.)

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