October 20, 2004

Recent reads...

Faiz Ahmed Faiz's Rebel's Silhouette: Selected Poems.

Gail Holst's Road to Rembetika: Music of a Greek Sub-culture. I had a hard time finding this one. It took two ILL requests. I wanted it from having read her lament book and also because I was wondering if it would fit into the Worldly Prosodies course. I was thinking about doing something on rembetika and blues (and using the Angela Davis book). This book is very similar in structure to the Davis book. A few critical chapters and then a collection of lyrics at the back. It is a fun read.

Various essays from NLR. Alexander Cockburn's "Anybody but Bush?" and Benedict Anderson's "Jupiter's Dungeons" (third in his series of essays on Rizal which together are excellent and promise to be a great book) stood out. Also review of new Claude Cahun collection in French made me want to check her work out.

Naomi Long's Radiant Field.

Recent issue of PMLA. Somewhat interesting essay by Peggy Phelan on Beckett. (Although I usually find her much more interesting than this essay.) But interesting essay by Haral Weinrich, "Chamisso, Chamisso Authors, and Globalization" on writers who write in German but are not native German speakers and global literature issues.

To check out sometime soon, Krzysztof Ziarek's The Force of Art, just out on Stanford.

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