May 28, 2005

On airplane to Chillicothe, I reread Michael Amnasan's Beyond the Safety of Dreams a book which continually weirds me out and yet I felt compelled to reread it. One of few books about class and poetry scene and yet I find myself so annoyed at how it makes that classic mistake of assuming that talking about class is an excuse for whining about class and about how one isn't liked or appreciated by people of other classes. Almost no attention to class mobility in the US or what it means to be working class in the most prosperous nation in a time of great prosperity.

While in Chillicothe, finished Reda Bensmaia's Experimental Nations: Or, the Invention of the Maghreb. Read like the series of articles that it is.

Began Mark Sanders' Complicities: the Intellectual and Apartheid.

On airplane from Chillicothe, with 5 hour lay over in Chicago, made it through Sonny Barger's Hell's Angel: the Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club (which I bought quickly at bookstore on way to airport with the excuse that it is about Oakland) and on dvd the Battle of Algiers. Had classic moment in Chicago aiport where I thought I had headphones in but had them in the mic outlet and so was actually blasting out French movie into the public space and didn't realize it for about half an hour (instead wondering why headphones were not working all that well).

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