June 13, 2005

While in San Diego and Baja with Bill, read Juan Gonzalez, Fallout: the Environmental Consequences of the World Trade Center Collapse.

And two essays in most recent New Left Review. Pascale Casanova's "Literature as a World" is hugely helpful. Must buy and read the World Republic of Letters immediately.

Darko Suvin's "Border Crossings" somewhat helpful; a complicating of various diffences in position between exiles, emigres, expatriots, and refugees. Comes with charts.

Spent last week preparing paper for CIRA conference that Walter Lew organized on Poetry, Pedagogies, and Internationalisms and reading other participants papers. A number of which were really great. Heriberto Yepez had great lengthy paper on Latin American responses to modernism.

Walter also passed on Daniel Won-gu Kim's "In the Tradition: Amiri Baraka, Black Liberation, and Avant Garde Praxis in the US." Insistent that Baraka's politics not be absorbed into avant garde frame. Really smart article.

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