June 13, 2006

Reading around in modernism and colonialism, jumping from article to article.

Carole Sweeney's "'One of them, but white': the Disappearance of Negro: an Anthology" in Women: a Cultural Review. And also her article "'Le Tour du Monde en Quatre Jours': Empire, Exhibition, and the Surrealist Disorder of Things" in Textual Practice.

Then another article on Negro: an Anthology by M. G. Shanahan, "Visualizing AFrica in Nancy Cunard's Negro: an Anthology" in Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History. This article is really good at moving between nuanced critique and attentive listing to moments when the anthology is doing some interesting work.

And then this Hal Foster article, "The 'Primitive' Unconscious of Modern Art" in October, that I have memory of reading in the past but not sure when or why. This article is wonderfully didactic. Written in 1985. So much fun.

David Bate's Photography and Surrealism: Sexuality, Colonialism, and Social Dissent. The chapter on the anti-colonial exposition by the surrealists goes over in some detail the support of the communist party for the exposition.

Edward Marx's The Idea of a Colony: Cross-Culturalism in Modern Poetry.

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