September 19, 2006

urgh. it has been over a month of reentering back into institutional work. meant to list all the articles read that i had found good lately. realize now that in a cleaning fit i threw the stack in the recycle.

a cross posting...
this weekend, i gathered up a bunch of poetry books, i feel so behind and so i've got a huge stack of things i want to read but haven't yet because i keep working on this critical book, and took them to a baseball game on sunday. but then my friend candace came by the game so i talked to her and i didn't read many of them but before she got there i realized that i would feel stupid reading poetry books anyway because there were only about ten audience members and so it would be noticed that one of them was reading poetry books. but before that i did read two books, both of which i think everyone should go out and buy. both are good models for thinking through and with the public. both are on the factory school's Heretical Texts series (the same series that will bring out Meg Hamill's book shortly). one was Mediated by Carol Mirakove. Carol often writes with very unPoetic and very Public language. and this book does that also. example: the first poem has language that is captured between the words "" and "" or "Headline:" the other book is Shadow Evidence Intelligence by Kristin Prevallet. it opens very beautifully with "Apostrophe" and Whitman. the last half of the book is gathered under the title "Conceptual Poetics: Formal Disruptions" and it has some documents from the "PIPA (Poetry is Public Art) Archive," a project that Kristin did with other poets that was about getting poetry onto city streets. And the book ends with a really beautiful piece called "The Economy of Poetry."

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