November 25, 2006

Unable to keep up. Too much travelling has overtaken my brain. Trying to list things today as I clean up room and sort through desk detritus. Found in stack at back right corner of desk...

John Brown Childs, ed. of Hurricane Katrina. Read because I keep reading poems about the weather that reference only the weather patterns of hurricanes and not the politics around them and I have been complaining about that some. This book has opposite problem. All politics and almost no environmental knowledge. So reads as very surface.

Michael F. Brown's Who Owns Native Culture?. Useful chapter on "Cultures and Copyrights."

Jacinta Galea'i's Aching for Mango Friends. Very lovely.

Dan Bouchard's The Filaments. Poems!

New Left Review has good article by Mike Davis on Dubai, "Oil, Sand, Fear." Interesting comparisons to Las Vegas.

Good combo to read together: Fanny Howe's On the Ground and Craig Rosebraugh's Burning Rage of a Dying Planet.

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