September 07, 2007

Interested in thinking more about... "Promissory Notes" in Japser Bernes Starsdown and also Rachel Zolf's Human Resources (book came with one page interview that is interesting press piece by Coach House). Keep thinking some "new" emphasis is showing up in various forms in various places lately that feels like a reworking of essay/juxtaposition/fact/document, maybe reworking of social realist poetry, although those into social realist poetry are unlikely to be swayed (doubt I will see this work in Cary Nelson anthology anytime soon). Not sure how to talk about it yet. But Zolf and Bernes has it. And seeing something related in several more conceptual readings Suzanne Stein did, the SPT one and the Pegasus one. And also Stephanie Young's recent New Yipes reading. And, and, and... Might want to talk about it as whatever it is that is going on in Watten's Bad History, a book I am slightly obsessed with.

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