June 03, 2008

Latest obsession, found in pile of books in dbuuck's hallway: Cesar Aira's An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter. Too much I adore to quote from it.

Also attempting to read the citations I have not yet read in the position statement for Kootenay School Positions conference.

Timothy Brennan and Kaya Ganguly's "Crude Wars". Here is that word "indeterminacy" again:

We are all implicated in these charges—all of us, from time to time, the deserving recipients of Benjamin’s condemnations—because the ideology of complexity has for too long been the aesthetic default position of cultural critics and theorists. Also, the unpacking of the semiotic density of discourse, including political discourse, performs an anthropological function in politically dangerous environments in the sense that pure value is accorded positions that let the theorist evade statements of clear opposition to the status quo and allow him or her to defer instead to the values of ambivalence and indeterminacy. p. 29

And enjoying the idea of "organizational imaginary" from this:

Without a critique of the market as such, without an organizational imaginary, without accepting responsibility for power, without actively seeking power on behalf of a different telos, there are no political solutions.Who are today’s radical philosophes—those who prepare the terrain, in thought, of confrontation with the state (as their counterparts so famously did in the seventeenth century)? p. 33

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