July 12, 2008

Robert Self, "To Plan Our Liberation: Black Power and the Politics of Place in Oakland, California, 1965-1977" in Journal of Urban History, 2000: 26.

Using federal OEO funds, Moore also helped to publish an elaborate political tract that delivered blistering criticism of Oakland's political and business establishment. Called, with tongue in cheek, "Discover Oakland--The Friendly City," this pamphlet advanced a broad indictment of the city's establishment, the "ruling class," and its imperialist police force, its tax-subsidized downtown, and its pet development projects. p. 777

An earlier generation of liberal urban politicians, in Oakland as in other major U.S. cities, had attempted to forge a politics of class reconciliation in the 1940s and 1950s that emphasized labor relations and distributing the benefits of economic growth to working (largely white) families. p. 786

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