August 07, 2008

Boston Manny

1 onion, diced.
1 Shallot, diced.
1 can plum tomatoes (or some freshies if you like)
2 handfulls fresh oregano
1 handfull fresh italian parsley
2 handfulls fresh radiccio
2 handfulls fresh basil
oil, butter, salt, pepper, cheese, ...

add oil, butter, salt, pepper.
heat med.
add onion and shallot and cook till somewhat "crispy"
but not too carmelized. just baby carmelized.

add tomatoes. cook down on high for 10 minutes.
add oregano and parsley.
turn heat to med. 5-10 minutes.
add radiccio. cook 5 minutes.
add basil. cook 2 minutes.
serve with parmesan or equivalent to taste.

bye manny.

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