January 25, 2009

Recent finishes...

Douglas A Martin, Your Body Figured. The muse!

Tom Marioni, Beer, Art and Philosophy. No comma between "art" and "and." Then after the author on the cover, this: "The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends Is the Highest Form of Art." I'm convinced. I don't think it once has the term "relational aesthetics" in it. Instead "conceptual art."

McKenzie Wark, 50 Years of Recuperation of the Situationist International. Went to Moe's to buy another Cometbus as a gift and was swayed by the cover of this. It is green, all type. More an essay than a book. While at Moe's had conversation with Brazil about our fantasy of what the title meant. No answer until last paragraph: "The Situationists are nobody's property. They belong now to the very 'literary communism' that Debord and company announced before the movement had even really begun. But before we can proceed to a new practice and escape their orbit, the Situationists present us with some unfinished business. The derive has to become a practice within the archive, allowing the discovery of the hidden ambiences within the Situationist stacks that escape the division of intellectual labor. The elements thus freed have to be recuperated fully rather than partially. Which, last, might raise detournement to a new level, to a sovereign appropriation of appropriation itself." (p. 44)

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