March 21, 2009

James D. Faubion, The Shadows and Lights of Waco: Millennialism Today. Our poet Stan Apps shows up in it, unnamed but intelligent and educated. The history of millennialism is good and parts of it very helpful for thinking about "ethics," a word I somewhat hate but haven't found the right other word. I couldn't stop myself from reading ahead to the parts about "Ms. Roden." Who seems to be all personality in the book of history.

Kim Hyesoon's Mommy Must Be a Fountain of Feathers, one of the best books ever?, happens to be on my desk at the same time and seems to be reverberating or in feedback loop.

"At Mommy's house, the floors are also mommy, the dust that floats around the rooms is also mommy, when you open the door of Mommy's house I'm under Mommy's feathers like an unhatched egg. All the dreams that are dreamt in Mommy's house come from Mommy's fountain, the fountain at Mommy's house is never dry." p. 19

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