May 06, 2009

Feeling so grateful for Place/Fitterman little book Notes on Conceptualism. I am writing this flying to Chicago. I feel less lonely on flight to Chicago because I have this little book to read. Inkheart plays two feet away from on the bulkhead. I am in the second row. It is very lonely.

Thank you Place/Fitterman for section 6. Thank you for not forgetting the feminist tradition once again. Thank you for your contradictory language around the gender issue here ("note the similarities" and then listing the differences). Thank you for not making this too easy and refusing to pretend one cannot think about it and then once thinking noticing that it doesn't make easy sense, only hard sense.

Also began thinking some about "Institutional Critique." And how it shows up in art; or it shows up somewhat enough. And yet how little it shows up in the work that I encounter daily in the MFAer. Oh poetry, why?

I confess Place/Fitterman, I like the book list but I wanted to add about a billion more examples. Like M Nourbese Philip's Zong!. And Mark Nowak's work. His Cold Mountain Elementary, which would not have been out when this came out, but is so perfect. And also add some more questions about where to locate the political conceptual. But I think the book list is bold, because doesn't everyone want to add about a billion more examples?

Reminder get Eirin Moure's Sheep's Vigil by a Fervent Person.
Reminder get Heimrad Backer's transcript when it comes out from Dalkey in 2010.

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