July 02, 2009

from Chris Bongie's Islands and Exiles: The Creole Identities of Post/Colonial Literature"
"Modernist literature of the Americas--or at least of the 'other America' that, according to Glissant, is founded on a traumatic encounter with a suddenly imposed (rather than evolved) modernity--has as one of its defining features an anxiety about cultural origins and traditions that are in the process of becoming ever more occulted under conditions of modernity." p. 167

Also making my way through Anjali Prabhu's "Interrogating Hybridity: Subaltern Agency and Totality in Postcolonial Theory": "In Glissant the question of who I am is insignificant when compared to the question of who we are [Caribbean Discourse 86]." p. 88

And Stanka Radovic, "The Birthplace of Relation: Edouard Glissant's Poetique de la relation."

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