September 18, 2009

Jules Boykoff, Hegemonic Love Potion

Also, good portions of E. S. Burt's Poetry's Appeal: Nineteenth Century French Lyric and the Political Space on Thursday. I picked this up at the MLA book fair a few years ago and keep not getting to it. There was much to steal, I mean reference, in the talk of how the lyric intersects with the political space. And convinced that the 19th century in France is a really interesting time for thinking about this. I confess I kept skipping the close readings. Mainly because I am not that familiar with 19th century French lyric and probably am not going to make myself anytime soon. Which made me wonder some about why "close reading" isn't more for its own sake.

Also, and I'm sure I'm the only person in the poetry planet who doesn't already know this, learned that the Tennis Court Oaths is not just a title of a book by Ashbery but an actual moment when some oaths were signed on a tennis court during the French revolution. Feeling super stupid and myopic.

Earl E. Fitz, "Inter-American Studies as an Emerging Field: The Future of a Discipline."

Paul Giles, "Commentary: Hemispheric Partiality."

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