September 13, 2009

I am in Tuscaloosa or "nestled perfectly just outside of Downtown Tuscaloosa" right off I-59 and 20 at exit 71, in the heart of "Roll Tide" country Tuscaloosa Alabama. Before I left I gathered all the poetry in my to read or to reread or to read more seriously stack and then just grabbed the top 6. My plan is to read one a day. Because I am here without my son. Because having a son has meant that I have cut much reading out of my life for the last two years. I told myself that I have more trips soon, too many, and so I didn't need to take the entire stack. 6, or one a day, was enough.

Tonight I read again C. D. Wright's Rising, Falling, Hovering. On airplane I read the Vanity Fair with Farrah on the cover. I keep thinking about mothers and sons in a way that feels too much right now, alone, nestled right off the I-59 and 20 at exit 71. I keep meaning to write my list for Attention Span and in this list I keep thinking this year so far there has been this book and Philip's Zong! and Nowak's Coal Mountain Elementary. I am thinking that it is a good year for me to able to read these three amazing books.

on p. 51:

I have been to Pilates I found my old coat
I took my will to the notary I found my good glasses
I have filled my tank I am going to the market
then I think I'll cut my hair off with a broken bottle

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