October 23, 2009

Ok, I confess how susceptible I am to loving the Coming Insurrection. I tell Charles it is written for the unaffiliated. Which is why I feel love and he feels annoyance. Perhaps also because it uses the language of the love poem, or is so attentive to social relations and unafraid of being all sappy about them. I need my insurrectionary texts filled with sap?; I confess.

I am wondering if my depression lately is because the much promised end did not come with the the economic crisis. I am convinced I will find happiness in the end times. Why is that? My depression is what the Coming Insurrection acknowledges and then claims it can cure.

In the revolutionary insurrectionary text generator, Charles points me to this code:

def recognize: "Confronted with those who #{dont_do} to recognize themselves in our #{events} of #{fun_stuff}, we offer neither #{get_along} nor #{get_along} but only our #{go_away}."

The Automatic Insurrectionary Text Generator complains: "The purpose of this little program is to expose the seductions of rhetoric, not to criticize actions taken."

But the writer self in me is all like if not the good line with its seduction, then how?

My list of some of the #{fun_stuff} (aka poignant moving writing that might begin the emotions of motion) from the Coming Insurrection...

terrible bonds: "To organize is not to give a structure to weakness. It is above all to form bonds--bonds that are by no means neutral--terrible bonds. The degree of organization is measured by the intensity of sharing--material and spiritual." p. 15

"How do we find each other?" p. 19 This is throughout the book. The find each other being first part. That is the part that is so sappy lovely.

About November 2005: "The grapevine can't be wiretapped." p. 56

I love the description of the problem: "A graphic designer wearing a handmade sweater is drinking a fruity cocktail with some friends on the terrace of an 'ethnic' cafe." p. 69 And then a few sentences later: "And they are right."

This line about the environment: "And now it's caught up to us, invading the airwaves like a hit song in summertime, because it's 68 degrees in December." p. 73

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