January 04, 2010

Could not stop reading Bruce Boone's Century of Clouds and the Cometbus #52, "the Spirit of St. Louis or How to Break Your Own Heart, a tragedy in 24 parts." Then had thought that both are the same, defenses of the friendships that come out of subcultures. Also both moments of rapture. The beginning of Century of Clouds especially beautiful. Both about the midwest in some way.

Good moment in the Cometbus about everyone in the friendship group having a rat tattoo and then later he realizes how many of the tattoos are "accidentally or purposely removed." Also there is jogging in the Cometbus. That made me happy. Memory of moment when Jclo, Syoung, and I go jogging while on the poetry bus and walking into some truckstop hotel lobby all sweaty and others on the poetry bus looking at us with horror. Slightly stupid discussion with Syoung today while jogging on whether jogging is punk in some way.

Then in same way, could not stop reading Elizabeth Grosz's Chaos, Territory, Art: Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth. I am obsessed with the short academic book, which I am convinced is the only way to save the genre. This book is super short. I tried to find word count on amazon but it wasn't available. Missed at moments the Groszian depth. But it is also a really beautiful book. "Art is of the animal." (p. 63; but throughout the book) Lots of good quotes about the long march of lobsters across the ocean floor. The tick and the mammal "whose blood it extracts" as "contrapuntal or harmonic forces, dueting features that much be considered as part of one and the same refrain." (p. 53) At moments gets all loosey: "But art is not simply the expression of an animal past, a prehistorical allegiance with the evolutionary forces that make one; it is not memorialization, the celebration of a shared past, but above all the transformation of the materials from the past into resources for the future, the sensations unavailalbe now but to be unleashed in the future on a people ready to perceive and be affected by them." (p.103) At other moments reminds me not to forget to get all loosey when talking about art. Three chapters. One setting the terrain of the argument. One on music and somewhat on sex also, with animals mixed in. And one on painting, which is a lovely defense of aboriginal painting. Also sweet reminder not to limit art to representation or realism.

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