January 06, 2010

Sometimes get insane idea that there is no possible way for me to say anything about something--in this case literature of the 1990s in English--without reading about this or that--in this case the literary history of some parts of Africa--and so buy some collection like Power, Marginality and African Oral Literature, edited by Graham Furnisss and Liz Gunner, late at night on the internet. Was not at all helpful for critical study on the 1990s but still... Nice section of the book that has essays on gender. Also fascinated by Herbert Chimhundu's claim in "Sexuality and Socialisation in Shona Praises and Lyrics" that "In a way, Afropop music has taken over from love poetry as one of the strongest conservative influences that psychologically condition the young in particular to conform to traditionally prescribed norms in order to be socially acceptable individuals." p. 147 And throughout some translations of some great work and I wish there was an accompanying collection that collects the work discussed.

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