April 15, 2010

This plane trip loving Joshua Clover's 1989: bob dylan didn't have this to sing about. Keep laughing about the Luc Sante blurb-pun "time spansule." Thinking about how 1989 might be the last year I was really awake to popular music. But anything more contemporary I would be lost. I blame graduate skool for death of my listening. I am really studying the structure of the book. 4 chapter examples. And then a swirling summation. Especially after talking a lot in therapy with begrudging respect last summer about Clover's composition method. It is, I should add, just the right length. 140 pages.

And reminded of this from Adorno: "A song-hit must have at least one feature by which it can be distinguished from any other, and yet possess the complete conventionality and triviality of all others." Which I keep echoing when I talk to people about getting a writing sample together for PhD skool.

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