July 09, 2010

Last week, unable to sleep in Tijuana, so loving Monica de la Torre's Public Domain which I found in on table in a windowless room. It was next to Lyn Hejinian's Slowly. Feeling slightly embarrassed this book out for two years and I hadn't read it yet, didn't even know it was out.

This week, unable to sleep.

One night spent with S/N: New World Poetries.

Made note to try and find work by Nesto Perlongher, Wilson Bueno. A few others.

Jose Kozer's essay opens with a Robert Lowell quote from Notebook. He argues two "basic lines," one thin and the other thick. The raw and the cooked?

Heriberto Yepez: "Let's define ourselves as philatelists. Writing and art are philatelia: both love of sense and non-sense, both a social and a non-social phenomenon." p. 102

Another night not sleeping with Mark McMorris Entrepot. I kept thinking oh, it is as if I could find Michael Palmer's work all over again but as if it was written from someone educated in the Caribbean. But really, that is not it. It is almost as if Mark has has bludgeoned Palmer with homage. A sort of this is what you might be able to do, like it might be an argument. Or it is hard not to read it as an argument. Because it was 2:30 in the morning the book was perfectly reminding me how I was sad because I had not seen Mark for the last three years. It is a great book I think.

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