October 09, 2010

But how does this dispersal or inhibitory machine work? And how, if it does work, does it work in everyday life? Here are some examples. First of all, there are the "tactics" invented and used by the movement to defend and attack: pulga, sikititi, taraxchi, and wayronko are among the most prevalent. To summarize: the pulga [flea] is a tactic utilized to block roads and streets at night, quickly, and to withdraw instantly--similar to a flea bite--and occurs simultaneously at thousands of different locations. The wayronko [ground beetle] tactic consisted of "lightning marches and blockades to distract the forces of repression," without a route or prior plan, like the flight of the beetle, which seems to lack any predictable direction. In the sikititi [red ant] tactic, the communities march "in line." Finally, the taraxchi [plumed bird] tactic is a massive mobilization intended to shut down the cities. p. 50-51. Raul Zibechi, Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces.

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