December 03, 2010

One liners from Nina Power's One Dimensional Woman:

Stripped of any internationalist and political quality, feminism becomes about as radical as a diamante phone cover. p. 30


What if every fuck was a kind of communism, egalitarian, joyful and for the good of all? This would precisely not be communalism, a kind of withdrawn fellowship, but a reestablishment of the link between sex and politics. p. 58


The political imagination of contemporary feminism is at a standstill. p. 69

The book is super short. I am obsessed with this. I say this like 5x while talking to Stephanie about it. I am convinced shortness will save the scholarly book.

It is basically a diatribe against vibrator feminism. Although it spends a lot of time on chocolate.

It is very funny at moments. "They, the breasts, and not their 'owner', are the center of attention, and are referred to, with alarming regularity, as completely autonomous objects, much as one would refer to suitcases or doughnuts. Constantly fiddled with, adjusted, exposed, covered-up or discussed, contemporary breasts resemble nothing so much as bourgeois pets: idiotic, toothless, yapping dogs with ribbons in their hair and personalized carrying pouches." p. 25 Would be less funny if I hadn't been talking about donuts all the time lately.

And I kept thinking what is it doing and then it did something, mainly with pornography (in the contemporary it is all about work--Annabel Chong--but it has a history of being about pleasure). And then ending with that pregnancy pact between Massachusetts girls. (I am obsessed with this story; so glad someone still keeping it alive. Will someone please write the book on these girls?)

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