February 02, 2006

Steve Evans at his best: "A speaker feels remorse for having a crippled piglet put down." Crucial reading. I am begging for an entire book by Evans on Poetry Kulture. Please Steve! More!

I've saw Bruce Andrews read 2x this week. And had endless discussions about his work.

Introduction @ New Yipes reading (apologies to Jeff Hull):

Bruce Andrews is best known as the inventor of a colorless white crystalline solid better known as salt. You might have heard a rumor that salt was invented by students in a workshop at the Poetry Project in the 1970s that was lead by Bernadette Mayer and that salt could not have existed without Bernadette. Or that salt was invented by Iowa writers workshop students Bob Grenier and Barrett Watten. Or that salt was invented in the Bay area—perhaps Berkeley, perhaps Albany—and it shouldn’t even be called salt and so to be proper one should always say so-called-salt whenever one says the word salt. But I can assure you that Bruce Andrews replaced hydrogen in a metal to form salt and he did it in the 70s on the east coast and he has been doing it again and again ever since. Bruce spells salt s=a=l=t. Ray diPalma claims to have showed him how to do this one afternoon but I’ve heard Bruce deny this. I’ve also heard that it was Susan Bee who first did this on her IBM seletric. But no matter how you spell it, and I prefer s=a=l=t, salt is the secret ingredient in most recipes. It is essential to good cooking, for it brings out the flavors of foods. Just a pinch boosts the flavor of almost everything, from simple, sliced tomatoes to complex sauces, soups, stews, and even sweets.

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