May 29, 2004

to get from library:

Tomas Rivera ... y no se lo trago la tierra. trans. evangelina vigil-pinon. arte publico press, 1987

ileana rodriquez, women, guerrillas, and love: understanding war in central america. u of minnesota p, 1996

mario payeras, has he been translated into english?

quote from mario payeras...
we learned to orient ourselves rudimentarily, using light and the events of the land. For now, we did not often venture out into that silence of butterflies and fireflies. (Los dias, 15-16)

Read quickly through Maria Josepfina Saldana-Portillo's The Revolutionary Imagination in the Americas and the Age of Development this weekend. Skipped some passages. But read most of it. It is useful book. Some of it feels familiar but I think that is just from reading Cindy's work which it sort of mimics although in a different terroritory. I didn't come away with much to take from it because it is so far from my area of writing, but I think it helped me to think in general about how things get constructed in texts.

a few days ago for the anthology project ...

Aime Cesaire's Letter to Maurice Thorez. No. Interesting work but not for the anthology. Primarily about Cesaire's reasons for leaving the cp.

Eduardo Galeano "In Defense of the Word." Yes. Might be better things by him, but if not, this one is fine.

Nikki Giovani, "Black Poems, Poseurs, and Power." No. really scattered and rambling. But mainly doesn't cover the territory.

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