April 14, 2005

I kept thinking maybe I'm not so behind on this book a week project. But I think I am finally. Has it been 4 weeks? 5 weeks? I think I've got maybe 4 or 5 books read. Depends on what "counts."

Too much travelling lately. And thus too much reading of magazines. I know all about Bruce Willis's acceptance of Ashton Kutcher as Demi Moore's lover.

I'm trying to remember even what I've read lately.

Didn't read much at Desert Hot Springs because Jena and I talked business the entire time. And then on the plane trip home, since her plane was delayed, we went and bought Cosmo and People and sat in airport and compulsively read them.

I couldn't remember what I read on the plane to Sweden but I did remember reading. Went through my stack of books and remembered I read Abdelkebir Khatibi's Love in Two Languages and its vague language had been pleasant but obviously not resonant.

On plane back from Sweden I read Don DeLillo's Cosmopolis.

And also started the Empty Ocean. Still plan to finish the ocean book and eat no more fish ever again.

On plane to Vancouver I think I went over the AWP program. And then I typeset Murray Bookchin's The Ecology of Freedom for AKPress while there and on way home. Does that count as reading?

On plane to and from Maine I typeset some more.

As a result of typesetting screwed up my neck.

In between trips, I did make it through Dee Dee Ramone's Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones. Ok. Fairly quick read but very little big picture.

And also Paul D Miller's Rhythm Science. Which is either great or a series of cliches about dj culture from the early 90s in a new font. Felt like an essay sold as a book. And an essay that had already been written.

Then had to go back and reread Abu-Lughod's Veils of Sentiment quickly once I got back for my class.

I'm on the last few pages of Fred Moten's In the Break which I adore. More on that once I finish it.

Also have been reading around in the new LRSN, The Thorn and the new Jennifer Moxley, Often Capitol but I'm trying not to write much about poetry reading here.

Somewhat exhausted thus. And thinking I've not been reading enough and yet really just wanting to watch some television but not being able to figure out what to watch even. Especially since the television, which is more a monitor, does not change channels really easily.

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