August 24, 2005

I keep not finishing books. And then I've got this somewhat rule that I shouldn't write about something until I'm done with it. I'm thinking I might do a month where I finish books. Usually the not finishing has more to do with something like taking it on a trip and then only getting part way through it and then coming home and getting over taken with work.

But on recent trip to Norway, instead of watching that movie about Sandra Bullock as a CIA or FBI agent who enters beauty contests, finished Mahmoud Darwish's Memory of Forgetfulness. I think this book got carried with me on at least two previous trips. Interesting and clear read. The content has a lot of references to stuff I'm not that smart in and despite the detailed footnotes from the translator I sometimes felt lost. Good for insight into living in a place while bombing goes on.

Marcella Durand's The Anatomy of Oil. Beautifully done.

Also read most of Sianne Ngai's Ugly Feelings. Got half of a final chapter left to go on this one.

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