August 05, 2005

Lee Tonouchi, Da Kine Dictionary.

i like the collectivist gesture (the dictionary is a collection of words submitted by various people and then collected by Tonouch).

some stupid part of me wants a more serious version of it. with etymology. it bothers me the way some words get marked as hawaiian or whatever but english words don't get marked as english. i'd like to see more japanese/chinese/korean which must be there more than it shows up in the word lists. i think i wish he had worked with a linguist and supplemented the submissions with his or someone else's work. i wish there was some attention to what is continental slang entering into pidgin and what originates as pidgin. wish he had done some of the OED sort of work where you get usages from written texts. etc. but that would have taken so much longer.

but when it comes down to it, i'm really fond of lee. and i like it that he does these crazy projects where others fear to go.

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