April 08, 2006

Scattered reading around last few weeks.

Some of Said's Culture and Imperialism.

Then half of Renato Rosaldo's Culture and Truth. Wanted to look at the "imperialist nostalgia" stuff again. Not as helpful as I had remembered it as perhaps being.

Timothy Brennan's introduction to Carpentier's Music in Cuba. Has Brennan's at moments wonderful at moments frustrating dogmatism. Confused about this: "although Francis Picabia, the painter and filmmaker of Cuban origin, is a legend among them, few are aware that Picabia build on Cuban leads and sources. (He is referenced in Maurice Nadeau's the Pequeno Larousse and the biographical dictionaries predictably refer to him as a 'French painter.')" (19). I would love it if Picabia is of Cuban origin (which to me would mean born in Cuba of at least one Cuban parent or born somewhere else of a Cuban parent) because it would help my argument in this dumb paper I'm working on. But I'm still trying to figure out if there is something about Picabia's Cuban origins that I'm not getting anywhere because I'm not looking in the right places or if he is basing this on a Spanish father (the mother was French) who worked at the Cuban embassy which is what every other source I read about Picabia's origin has. Still, the introduction is really worth reading. And read about half of the Carpentier and might give up on it for now just because of deadline pressures and because it has so much about music in it and I'm so musically stupid.

And half of Jennifer Ashton's From Modernism to Postmodernism.

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