April 17, 2006

"she was a red"

or my vibration reduction system
is totally unstoppable

1) go to wallgreens and buy a "red" fingernail clipper with "file pad"
2, 2 mints in 1

2) fit it to your index finger. Cut if necessary (the file pad, not your finger). One side, the white side, is stickier. put the sticky side on your index finger.

look it fits
yes, it does

3) Pull your batting glove over the "file pad".

look it fits
yes it does
the back

4) warm up the pitcher or take a throw from the catcher or a relay from the right fielder. you won't feel it.
no pain
no pain

The key to my vibration reduction system
is the fact that the red file pad
has a solid strip of hard material in the middle,
surrounded by two very soft
yet absorbent pads . . .

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