December 27, 2007

Tan Lin, ambience is a novel with a logo. One of many chapbooks that I've ordered recently via paypal and been very super glad I did. Beautiful pink color.

"For reasons unknown to me but are probably transparent, I was hired, along with four others, by the Port Authority of Marin County in late October of 1984 to set up a camera surveillance system that would clock in every event on a 384-acre port terminal."

It goes on and then this phrase: "the movement of everything."

Or this phrase "the Ecology of Midwest Corduroy":

"In my family, the collection of memories might be labeled: 'How I Was an American' Or: 'Making Americans (the Future)' Such a work would aspire, though such a work is rarely ever written and that is good of course, to a condition of transitory structures, lounge architecture, and books with photos in them. I guess it should look like a slide show. Or maybe a PowerPoint production. I think the work should probably be called 'The Ecology of Midwest Corduroy' because while everyone at school was wearing denim my parents believed I should war corduroy that after a few washings looked like faded gold Christmas bulbs and that reminded everyone, or so I thought, that I was dressed awkwardly as if every day was a holiday because I was different."

Rachel Zolf, Shoot and Weep. forthcoming. Heard also at New Yipes few weeks ago.

first draft...
Rachel Zolf has realized that one of poetry's potentials is to delve into perilous issues and dwell there, exploring the complications. Shoot and Weep does not leave us with any easy answers of what is to be done about the conflicts between Palestine and Israel. But it does insist that we think about it and that we hold several different points of view at the front of our brain as we do this thinking.

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